Thursday, April 16, 2009

情歌 - 梁静茹

This is a very great song...About the relationship between a guy and a girl...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comment from my lecturer on my Research

Last two day, i just finish presenting my Research in the class. Surprisingly, after the presentation, my 2 lecturer that is very cruel in giving comments and critic said my work is the best among the others. Oh my god. I really fell release once i heard what he said. And of course not all words from him is good, cause he ask us to improve it once we have the chances to continue the study. Really lucky fro me this weeks. I hope the lucky will remain with me forever. Haahaha.

Exco for Academic and Kerjaya

Currently i have attend the annual general meeting for my faculty. While the old committee for the Persatuan Sains Sosial is dismissed by that particular day. During the nomination period, i was nominated to hold the position of Exco Akademik and Kerjaya which i am not familiar with. While the process of convincing the voter to vote us, i feel i will lose cause the voters are all my junior and my friends that attend is very small number compare to the another candidate. My other candidate gets very much support from almost half of the hall. However, after the process of voting, when i going back again to the hall, it shows that i win as Exco Academic and my deputy is the girl that get very much supporting voice. Surprise me a while because i dun expect i will win since i am the only chinese get nominated. But, nightmare is coming coz we have not even start the ice breaking session for the power transfer but i was inform that a meeting will be held in this sunday at a place very far away from my kolej. GOD!!! I will surely die holding this post, because i was told that i need to promote our faculty academic which is very worst these few years. Jiak Lat liao lo.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


These few days really caused me in dilemma with the research that have not done. Stress and hopeless is my feel especially when i saw the other present in the front and criticized by lecturer. In my research i believe i will not criticized terribly but as i know i still need to improve my point in my study. Honestly, this semester i rally have very little confident to maintain my pointer. I really hope i can but the facts shows it hard. What i should do? I don no...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

BUzy....Doing Research....Some photo at KL, Penang, Melaka....

Halo frens, its me...Ya, currently at library doing research so use some time to update my blog. My promise on the KL trip photos seems so long but never do it rite. Today, i will post some of the photo i catch from the trip for all of u..Sorry for the late...Hope you guys enjoy it...

Ok..i will post other photo soon k....thanks for drop by...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi...Recently dissapeared for a moment...

Hi fren, sorry because recently busy with my study...These few days busy with my research proposal and it really drive me crazy this few days...God!!! Tired + Frustrated. Well, i will post again when i am free. Sorry, my frens..The class is going to start. Bye.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorry again to my fren...

I am very sorry coz until today i still cant have a proper copies of my kl photos cause one of my fren still "lost contact" which he is busy with his church matters. Well, i promise i will post it out once i have the copies from him. Anyway, these few days will be my busy days because i have started my first step of success in Kenyalang New Year Stall. Yes, i will started to selling things in Kenyalang for my first time with co-operation from my other 2 partners. The reason i participate in such stall businesses because i want to gain my experience on the ways to dealing business with the public and learn to survive in such competitive market. The major product i am selling is the Chinese Mandarin Orange-(Lukam). Source of the products is from my daddy and i get the dealer price and sell it at kenyalang. This is my first time involved in such kind of activity and i am also curious to know my ability to generate our income into maybe double or triple or more. Thus, i try my best to do it and this is actually my first step to reach my success point. Everythings must start from the lower level. So i begin with such small stall and i wish i could built up my own corporation and enterprise in the future.

Below is the price for our product:

Lukam 68 pcs 10 kg -Rm 24.00
Lukam 58 pcs 10 kg- Rm 26.00
Sha tang small orange 8kg- Rm 33.00
Chinese New Year Cake(Nian Gao)- Rm 2.50

Loose product price

Lukam M size 1 kg-Rm 3.00
3 kg-Rm 8.00

Sha tang small sweet orange 500gm-Rm 3.00
1 kg-Rm 5.50

Our stall differentiate into two area, one in front of the Kenyalang Cinema Entry, opposite Golden coffee shop. Another one is in front of the Golden coffee shop. The coffee shop i mention is the one that selling many choices of foods with many stall.

Our name for our stall in English called Mandarin Orange Fever and in chincese called 柑柑香. For my frens, special price will be given to u so visit my stall if u r interested. From monday to friday, we will open from 6pm to 10pm and we open whole day during Saturday and Sunday. Thanks ya.